Our Approach

A love of learning begins in our nurturing, creative and stimulating Preschool.

Our Preschool girls follow a tailored EYFS curriculum, focusing on stimulating development through communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. Everything we do is designed to provide active involvement and relevant first-hand learning opportunities, in a nurturing environment filled with possibilities.

Our teachers and specialist staff engage with pupils to encourage our Rowan Star Qualities - curiosity, self-confidence, responsibility and positivity. We believe that the Early Years builds a foundation for a love of learning, which will stay with your child for the rest of their lives, whatever their individual strengths.

Our small class sizes and excellent pupil teacher ratios mean we can focus on teaching small groups, with activities tailored for every pupil, to ensure your child’s learning is designed uniquely for them.

In the afternoon sessions, girls enjoy a different specialist activity each day including Twinkle Toes Dance, Little Linguist French, Music and Movement, Get Active Sports and Little Engineers. Each of these specialist activities is carefully planned to support and enhance the learning topics from the morning sessions.

Each week our Preschool girls engage in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics activities that encourage problem solving, learning by trial and error, resilience and investigative skills. Each activity is designed to provoke thought and create links in learning and development.


Construction activities develop engineering minds, they impact positively on thinking skills, spatial reasoning, coordination and both fine and gross motor control. We use a range of technologies including Polydrons, Duplo, Grippies and Octagons to engage our young learners.


Each week our Preschool girls take part in a cooking activity which will support exploration of new foods, social skills and mathematical understanding.


Our messy play activities are multisensory and promote language, curiosity and exploration as well as developing fundamental early writing skills and finger dexterity. The girls have regular access to playdough, putty, foam, kinetic sand and many more malleable resources.


As well as a weekly Forest School session, our girls have the opportunity to regularly explore our Preschool garden. This promotes physical development through large construction, water and sand play and use of sports equipment such as obstacle courses, balancing boards, balls and stepping stones.


In Preschool, our girls begin our Phonics and Mathematics education programmes with our specialist early years teachers, who also have specialist input into their physical development in our Get Active sports sessions. Girls will learn a love of languages with our French teacher in Little Linguists; gain musical skills, many of which support early reading, in Music and Movement; develop confidence in Dramarama; and learn coordination in our Twinkle Toes Dance lesson. Our girls gain excitement and enjoyment of books in our Library session and build resilience and care for the environment at Forest School.