Reports and Reviews

Following an inspection of the whole school by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) in April 2017, they have published their report and it's excellent! A Regulatory Compliance Inspection was undertaken in May 2022.

Ofsted visited our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) department in 2011 and also gave Rowan an 'outstanding' report.

ISI Report - Educational Quality Inspection - April 2017

ISI Report - Regulatory Compliance Inspection - May 2022


ISI and Ofsted Inspection Report highlights:

"From the EYFS, pupils demonstrate excellent standards across a broad curriculum as teachers' high expectations are based on thorough assessment of their learning needs." 

"The pupils' excellent achievements are strongly underpinned by their motivated and enthusiastic approach to learning."

"Provision is outstanding, including that for children under three years. Staff are warm, enthusiastic and value each child as uniquely special, skilfully matching activities to individual needs."

"Outcomes for children are outstanding. All children, including those under three years, make good and often rapid progress in relation to their starting points and capabilities. Most reach, and some exceed, the expected goals by the end of Reception. Children are happy and feel safe." 

"Relationships between teachers and pupils are calm and positive, and create an environment where pupils can express their thoughts and understand that it is acceptable to make mistakes."

"The overall achievement of pupils is excellent and meets the school’s aim to promote academic excellence in a happy environment, bringing out the best in its pupils".

"The curriculum is of excellent quality and is well designed to meet the school’s aims. A very wide range of subjects and activities gives the pupils a lively and stimulating experience suited to their age and ability".

"Teaching is very focused on the pupils’ learning needs, shows very good subject knowledge and is well planned.  Lessons are delivered with flair and enthusiasm, giving pupils a stimulating and enjoyable learning experience".