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Rowan Hill is a special place where girls thrive in their individual learning and grow independent in their journey towards senior school.

During their time at the Hill, our girls take part in a varied and exciting curriculum, whether it is exploring the range of topics that our STEM curriculum has to offer, investigating life as a Roman soldier, becoming a great problem solver in maths, using relevant and inspiring stimuli to write essays or finding out more about our local community in geography. Our class sizes are small and allow our subject teachers to plan fun and creative lessons where they are able to give each girl their individual attention.

At Rowan, we pride ourselves in finding out what inspires our girls to become lifelong learners and at Rowan Hill, there is something for everyone. As you enter the main building, the soothing sound of the piano, a violin, the clarinet or even the harp often greets you, while the giggling of girls waiting to start their gym lesson is sure to make you smile. No day at Rowan Hill is the same and the school environment is always buzzing with activity. The wellbeing of the girls is at the heart of everything we do and we are incredibly proud of the social, emotional and wellbeing (SEW) lessons we offer as part of the weekly curriculum.

Our team of specialised sports coaches ensures that our girls get the exercise they need to balance out their learning in the classroom. At Rowan Hill, we offer games and sports most days and our girls often head to Oaken Lane or Hinchley Wood Sports Grounds where they take part in cricket, netball, hockey, football and athletics to name a few. In school, the hall is busy with gymnasts and PE teachers leading energetic lessons where the girls have fun and test their strengths and talents!