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The Emerald Forest, performed by Year 4

19 March 2020

The Emerald Forest, performed by Year 4

It was with great excitement that the girls were able to take to the stage on Tuesday and perform their show, ‘The Emerald Forest’ which they had worked so hard on this term in music and drama. The conservation of the rainforests was a topic they heartily embraced from the start. Through the study and performance of the musical, they actively learnt about the vital preservation process, which is needed to save these regions from destruction and over-exploitation.

As the holiday makers and business men boarded the flight to the Amazon, we were briefed on how the rainforest is under constant attack from profit-hungry developers. However, as we landed and entered the forest, it was soon revealed that the jungle richness and tranquillity was protected in this story by its animals, led by the Toucan and the ‘Amazon Aristocrat’ Jaguar.  The witty lines, delivered with such confidence by the cast, and the numerous catchy songs, brought the jungle and animal characters alive, and lifted the spirits of all.

It was such a shame that our parents and friends were not able to see the live performance, but in the true spirit of this week’s global events, we still enjoyed our show ‘behind closed doors’. The video will be made available for parents to enjoy, and the photographs give a snap shot of the colourful costumes, masks and smiles made the performance on the day.

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