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Rowan Hill Sports Day

26 June 2019

Rowan Hill Sports Day

It was a perfect day of long awaited sunshine for Rowan Hills’ first whole day Sports Day on Friday.

The extended day was a huge success allowing for all the girls to show off their athletic skills in the new programme of events

The day was split with field events in the morning, which included the new events of shot and turbo javelin along with high jump and long jump, with the track event taking place in the afternoon which included new long distance events which every girl was involved in.

In between, there was a relaxed picnic lunch on the field for the girls and parents to take a breather before a packed afternoon of events and results.

What a super day.  School records were broken in 6 events and we have new records set for the new events.  Well done to Heather House who were the overall winners. 

Thank you to all the parents and especially the girls for making it such a special sporting day.

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