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Reception Visit Brooklands Museum

29 January 2020

Reception Visit Brooklands Museum

Reception Berries and Leaves had an awe-inspiring day out at the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge. During a special guided tour of the amazing aeroplanes, the girls learnt that the first planes were made from bamboo, wood and the wings were made of varnished paper.   We were also invited for a supersonic flight on Concorde!  On our return, we became engineers and made our own little racing cars using buttons, wire and clothes pegs, before testing them on a ramp.  Finally, we enjoyed visiting the Bus Museum where everyone was thrilled to be given a ticket from a bus conductor on the top deck of an old London Routemaster.  We are grateful to everyone at Brooklands who made the day such an amazing experience and inspired the girls to produce incredible artwork and writing when they returned to school. 

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