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Inter-House Cricket

13 October 2020

Inter-House Cricket

The inter-house Kwik cricket tournament concluded this week with some close final matches taking place this week.  The bonus of extra cricket this half of the term added to the excitment oft the tournament as the girls gameplay understanding peaked in time for the inter-house matches.  Every match in all year groups were played with passion and in good spirit.  The outstanding match of the tournament was in Year 4, with Heather and Hazel scoring 255 each the match had to go to a tie breaker,  The Kwik cricket equivalent of  a 'Super over', a Super Bowl, was played.  Olivia and Kadija were selected to bowl two balls each at the wicket.  Kadija hit the middle stump on the last ball and the crowd went wild!  What an amazing match.

The final results were;

Year 3  1st Heather      2nd Rowan     3rd Hazel        4th Rose

Year 4  1st Rose   2nd Hazel   3rd Rowan  4th Heather

Year 5  1st Hazel   2nd Rose  3rd Heather  4th Rowan

Year 6  1st Hazel   2nd Rose  3rd Heather   4th Rowan  


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