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G Live Guildford Children's Concert

5 February 2020

G Live Guildford Children's Concert

The girls in Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of music at GLive, the concert hall in Guildford. Performed by the Southern Pro Musica Symphony Orchestra, and conducted by Jonathan Willcocks, the children were taken on a musical journey and introduced to all the instruments of the classical orchestra. For many, it was the first time they experienced the thrill of watching and listening to a full symphony orchestra. Rossini’s ‘William Tell’ Overture certainly grabbed their attention from the start, but for most it was the ‘Taps in Tempo’ performed on the xylophone that was the most entertaining. The bright, catchy melody, dazzling arpeggios and scales, and four mallet chords certainly showed off the xylophone and  the amazing technique of the performer. The March of Bizet’s ‘The Toreadors’, continued our toe tapping, and finally it was the girls’ turn to join in with the chorus of the ‘Wigwam Song’, joined by a full orchestra and concert hall of children.

What a fabulous afternoon of music!

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