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Brass Instruments Play In Morning Assembly

10 October 2019

Brass Instruments Play In Morning Assembly

This week started with a tremendous assembly run by our brass teacher, Mr Boote. The girls were fascinated to learn that the trumpet dates back to the 15th century and is the highest brass instrument in the orchestra, which is why it is well suited for playing melodies. Mr Boote demonstrated how to use the valves to change the pitch, and also showed us an old Post Horn, which has no valves. In the past, the powerful noise of a horn was the best way for the horse-drawn coaches traveling at great speed to get their message across, ‘Get out of the way!’. The modern day French horn can’t play as high as a trumpet but can go lower, and its interesting shape was beautifully demonstrated by Annabel, who showed the girls how to play a range of pitches. Annabel is the first Rowan girl to play the French horn in a very long time, and her wonderful performance was inspirational. The trombone is the only instrument in the orchestra not to use valves but instead uses a slider to lengthen the instrument, resulting in a lower sound. We were so lucky to have Emily who takes lessons with Mr Boote, and confidently demonstrated the warm tones of her trombone.

Mr Boote has taught at Rowan for many years, and would be delighted to hear from any girl wishing to take up a brass instrument.

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