Early Years Funded Entitlement

Working in partnership with Surrey County Council (SCC), Rowan Preparatory School offers the Universal 15 hours Early Years Entitlement (EYFE) for pupils in our Preschool and Reception years. Depending on when your daughter is born, you will be eligible for up to six terms of EYFE starting in the term after you daughter’s 3rd birthday. Eligibility ends at the start of the term following your daughter’s 5th birthday.  

All girls aged three and four are entitled to the Universal 15 hours EYFE and it will be automatically applied to pupils’ bills upon completion of the relevant SCC Declaration Form. Please note that SCC require an updated Declaration Form to be completed prior to the start of each subsequent term which will be sent to you for completion each term.  

Universal EYFE of three hours per day is applied between the daily attendance times of 8.45am – 12.30pm. Fees are payable in respect of attendance over and above these EYFE hours, but vary according to the pupil’s actual attendance, EYFE eligibility and the length of the term. An example of the termly fees payable in 23-24 are as follows (based on our current fee schedule, and the current funding schedule). 






Five Mornings + One Afternoon

Five Mornings + Three Afternoons

Full Time

Autumn Term 2023  (12 weeks)




Summer Term 2024
(10 weeks + 2 days)




Although EYFE is available from SCC for 38 weeks per year, Rowan only receive funding for our term times which usually total around 33 weeks a year. However, it is possible for you to seek the remaining weeks from another registered school, nursery or childminder.