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Assisted Places

The Pell Assisted Place Awards

The Pell Assisted Place Award is a means-tested bursary giving financial assistance to pupils for entry at Year 3 (7+) who may not otherwise be able to benefit from an education at Rowan. Eligible parents and guardians could benefit from a discount of up to 85% of the fees, depending on the individual circumstances of each applicant. Any bursary awarded will be means tested each academic year by the submission of a statement of financial circumstances to determine the appropriate level of contribution.

Candidates must satisfy academic entry requirements to be considered for a Pell Award, and in addition a girl’s potential to benefit from the Rowan environment is also a consideration in granting support.  All girls in receipt of a Pell Award will have their progress reviewed annually.

Rowan retains full discretion to decide who does or does not satisfy the criteria for a Pell Award, taking into account all relevant information.

Key Dates for Pell Awards

Application packs are available from the School Business Manager. Applications for a Pell Award must be submitted following an offer of a place at Rowan during the Autumn term.  Awards will be communicated later in the Spring term.

Financial Hardship Bursary Support

In addition to Scholarship awards and the Pell Assisted Place awards financial support is made available for parents or guardians of current pupils who experience financial hardship. This is through means tested bursary support and applications can be made at any time during the year by requesting an application pack from the School Business Manager. These awards are normally short term in nature and are reassessed each academic year.

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