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Rowan Preparatory School welcomes applications for admission from all sections of society and does not discriminate on grounds of disability, race and religion, social or cultural background.  We seek to operate an open, transparent and fair approach to admissions.  Our School is rooted in a Christian tradition, however, we welcome applications for girls of all faiths and none.


In line with the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act we will take reasonable steps to avoid putting disabled pupils and those with special educational needs at a substantial disadvantage in matters of admission.  Parents are required to inform the Headteacher of any special educational needs in order that the school can assess whether reasonable adjustments can be made in order to access the education at Rowan. 


To ensure that every girl has the opportunity to access the education at Rowan, maximum numbers by year group are put in place. This ensures a workable profile for progression throughout the school. In our Nursery we admit up to 18 pupils on the roll and up to 28 pupils into our Kindergarten setting. In Reception to Year 2 we have two forms in each year group and in Years 3 to 6 we have three forms in each year group, with an operating preference of 18 girls in each form.  When demand for places exceeds those available the admissions procedure set out in this document will apply.


This policy applies to all members of our school community, including those in our EYFS setting.  In line with our Provision of Information Policy this document is available to all interested parties on our website and on request from the school office and should be read in conjunction with the school’s Behaviour and Discipline Policy and Exclusions, Expulsion, Removal & Review Policy.


Rowan is fully committed to ensuring that the application of this policy is non-discriminatory in line with the UK Equality Act (2010). Further details are available in the school’s Equal Opportunity Policy.  Rowan seeks to implement this policy through adherence to the procedures set out in the rest of this document.


Rowan is committed to ensuring that the admissions register is maintained in accordance with Education (Student Registration) (England) regulation 2006.


Admissions Procedure

  • Parents are strongly advised to arrange a visit to the school, either at one of our Open Mornings or by arranging an individual visit through the Registrar.  They are welcome to bring their daughter.  They will meet the Headteacher or Deputy Head and tour the school with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

  • A Registration Form must be completed and a non-refundable registration fee paid.  The registration form does not guarantee a place at Rowan but will ensure that the Registrar keeps parents informed of available places.


    Entry in to Preschool

  • Girls joining in our Preschool will be assessed through observation and teacher/pupil interaction. Places will be offered in the order that registrations are received.  If the year group is full, then a waiting list will apply on a first come, first served basis with sibling preference.


    Entry in to Reception

  • Girls joining at Reception (4+) are invited to take part in a Discovery Afternoon in the November proceeding entrance. Offers will be made to girls following the Discovery Afternoon. We are looking for girls who demonstrate age-appropriate development across the Early Years curriculum and individuals who show qualities linked to our school ethos and values. Rowan is a nurturing school with high standards of education and academic achievement and it is important for girls and families to work together with us and make a positive contribution to school life here at Rowan.

    • Offers will be made to those pupils who are observed to be accessing the Early Years curriculum (age appropriate) on a first come, first served based with sibling preference.

    • If the year group is full, you may be offered a waiting list place.


    Entry in to Years 1 to Year 6

  • Girls joining between Year 1 and 6, will be invited to experience a day at Rowan where they will take part in lessons with girls in their prospective year group. Throughout the day, girls will be invited to take part in academic assessments. Assessment will consist of papers in English and Mathematics, teacher observation and interaction with others.  We will also request a report from the Head of your child’s current school. Subject to satisfactory assessment and availability of a place, an offer will be made.  

  • If the year group is full you may be offered a place on the waiting list, when a place becomes available the following criteria will apply:


All year groups

  • Following an offer of a place a signed contract letter, together with payment of a refundable deposit, will guarantee the place at Rowan.  Any withdrawal following this is subject to the notice periods specified in the contractual terms and conditions.

  • If a parent wishes to challenge an admissions decision they may do so using the Rowan Preparatory School Complaint Procedures.


The Admissions Register

From the beginning of the first day on which Rowan has agreed or been informed that the pupil will attend the school, an entry will be made in the school’s admissions register in line with the Education (Student Registration) ( England) regulations 2006.  From September 2016, the Local Authority will also be notified.

The Admissions Register is completed electronically by the Registrar and shows:

  • name in full

  • name and address of every person known to the school to be a parent and/or carer of the pupil (and an indication of the parent /guardian with whom the pupil normally resides and which parents hold parental responsibility)

  • at least one telephone number at which the parent can be contacted in an emergency

  • day, month & year of birth

  • day month & year of admission or readmission to the school

  • name and address of the school last attended (if any)

  • the name or title of any person making an amendment and the date the amendment is made


The register is kept for at least three years and is regularly backed-up.  The Registrar creates a read-only copy of the register each term and stores it in a restricted area on the network.  The Registrar ensures that an original entry to the register can be distinguished from a correction.  When a child leaves the school confirmation is sought from the receiving school and the leaving date recorded.

The school will inform the local authority (where a child is resident) when a pupil is noted as leaving the school and will therefore no longer be on the Admissions register for the following reasons:

  • the child is receiving education otherwise than at school
  • the family has apparently moved away
  • the child has been certified medically unfit to attend
  • the child is in custody for more than four months
  • the child has been permanently excluded


This information is reviewed annually by the Headteacher or as events or legislation change requires.

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