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E-Safety at Rowan

Rowan takes e-safety very seriously whether you are a current parent or a prospective parent.  In this section of the website you will find articles and links covering all aspects of e-safety.  If you are a current parent, please also check out information on the Parent Portal.

Parent information from CEOP & The Parent Zone

28/04/2015 What is Minecraft?
02/11/2015 WhatsApp: a guide for parents and carers
20/01/2017 How can your child deal with in-game bullying?
28/05/2014 Instagram: a parent’s guide
20/01/2016 Viral internet trends: a parent's guide
26/04/2017 Connected toys: not just child’s play
14/02/2020 What are unboxing videos – and why does my child like them?
04/10/2016 Having a positive digital footprint
03/12/2015 A parent's guide to vlogging
13/06/2017 Snapchat: a parent's guide


Childnet International

28/05/2020 New education video for 6-9 year olds – being SMART with a heart online
27/05/2020 What is… Zoom? A guide for parents and carers
21/05/2020 Who should you tell? New video for use with 6-9 year olds.
20/05/2020 Introducing the Childnet Film Competition Judges for 2020
15/05/2020 New features on Instagram – including challenges and restricting comments
14/05/2020 What information online is reliable? New video for use with 6-9 year olds.
07/05/2020 What should you accept online? New video for 6-9 year olds
04/05/2020 Charlie joins Childnet as Education Officer
29/04/2020 Who do you ‘meet’ online – new video lesson for use with 6-9 year olds
22/04/2020 New videos to use at home with 6-9 year olds looking at online safety


UK Safer Internet Centre

United Learning