Rowan is a school where the girls can enjoy being children.

This enjoyment spills out into our special woodland area known as the Spinney where you might see girls birdwatching in our treehouse, growing potatoes to be served at lunch or fascinated by newts in the pond.

Girls spend break times immersed in imaginative play; ‘shops’ where trading fir cones for fairy dust is common practice and have been a unique part of Spinney life for generations of Rowan girls.

Over their time at Rowan, the girls develop a toolkit of strategies to manage small bumps in the road which they will inevitably face in life. Social and emotional skills are cultivated in many ways at Rowan, from dedicated SEW (Social and Emotional Wellbeing) lessons on their timetables to a highly personalised pastoral programme which keep the individual needs of every girl at the heart of what we do. Parents describe Rowan as nurturing, happy and warm and the girls say that it’s like leaving their family at home in the morning to join another family at school! We value getting to know the girls and their families so that we can provide exceptional care and attention for each and every girl. Our Star Qualities reflect this ethos and we look to encourage and recognise these across the school day. Qualities such as resilience, empathy, perseverance and creativity are at the core of Rowan life.

Girls recently enjoyed a dedicated Wellbeing Week which gave the whole school community the opportunity to reflect on how we are looking after our mind, body and spirit. Activities such as mindful walks, a visit from a petting farm, a silent disco and yoga sessions captured the girls’ interest and put wellbeing at the forefront of their minds.

Our door is always open; highly trained and compassionate staff are available to support the girls with our unique programme of Mindfulness Clubs which includes teaching relaxation techniques, therapeutic art and drama activities and provides a space to share our feelings. This support also extends to parents who value our Parent Partnership Programme of special talks and events hosted by experts in their chosen fields. These regular workshops coupled with proactive contact from the teachers and the sharing of resources through our Parent Wellbeing Library mean that the girls truly benefit from a holistic approach to their personal development.

We were delighted to have been awarded the prestigious Wellbeing Award for Schools in 2020, which recognises the outstanding pastoral and mental health support on offer for all girls at Rowan.