School life at Rowan is inspiring and offers a breadth of experiences that develops the whole child.

They begin their Rowan experience in our Preschool at Rowan Brae where the teaching ethos is creative, exciting, varied and hands-on. The girls are encouraged to discover, question and explore in order to gain a solid foundation in every area of learning. Outdoor learning has a pivotal place in the curriculum and girls visit our 23-acre woodland each week for a range of enriching activities. Parents are fully involved in Rowan life so that they share in the many, thrilling milestones during every stage of their daughter’s learning.

Year 1 and 2 embrace a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, where the girls are encouraged to challenge themselves and reach for the stars. We promote a love of learning that goes beyond what is taught and personalised approaches are provided for the girls, enabling every girl to succeed. Weekly philosophy lessons support the girls to develop questioning and analytical skills and teach them the importance of understanding each other and our differences; a way of thinking which dovetails with the highly individualised nature of Rowan life.

In Years 3 and 4, the girls’ educational journey takes them around the corner to Rowan Hill where they will find the same caring atmosphere coupled with exciting new opportunities. We provide a nurturing environment with a balance of specialist teaching in some areas of the curriculum whilst maintaining a form-based approach to learning. Whether girls move up from Rowan Brae or join us from elsewhere, the smooth transition from Year 2 into Year 3 is managed with care and understanding.

The curriculum also continues to stimulate and excite the girls and they fully embrace all opportunities on offer to them at Rowan Hill. Specialist teaching spaces, such as our dedicated Engineering and Technology workshop, challenge the girls in a multitude of ways which extend beyond the National Curriculum. They learn how to design and create their own inventions using our 3D printers and collaborate in our radio recording studio making podcasts for Radio Rowan. Experiences which will surely foster successful and inspirational women of the future!

As Rowan girls take ever longer strides forward, we see them mature and develop increasing responsibility for their learning. In Year 5 and 6, we focus on promoting independent thinking and learning skills, developing initiative and a desire to challenge themselves. Once equipped with these skills, the girls find it a seamless transition to their choice of senior school. Rowan girls have the benefit of a wide choice of excellent senior schools enabling them to select the best and most appropriate school for them. We guide parents and the girls through each step of this process sharing our expertise and offering advice. Parents need not worry, knowing that their daughters are at a school with an exceptional track record where each and every one of the Year 6 girls is successful at gaining a place at their chosen senior school. Many achieve the sought-after accolade of a scholarship at one of these prestigious schools. The girls leave Rowan fully prepared for this exciting next step of their educational path with an abundance of warm and happy memories.