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Year 5's Victorian Assembly

15 November 2018

Year 5's Victorian Assembly

It was with great excitement that Year 5 took to the stage on Friday and performed a mini-musical about life in Victorian times in front of a packed hall of parents, staff and girls. We followed a group of modern school children visiting a museum of Victorian childhood, where they saw the exhibits come to life. We met the affluent Ponsonby-Brown family and their servants, and witnessed the lives of children working as miners, chimney sweeps and mill workers, not forgetting those forced to live on the streets, and took a glimpse at a Victorian school room. We were even introduced to Queen Victoria herself as she presented Florence Nightingale with a medal for great service to her country and the future of nursing. The soldiers in her care marched on with dignity and we learnt to appreciate how her work transformed the hospitals. The girls succeeded in bringing history to life through their animated performance of catchy, fact-based songs which could be heard in corridors long after the play had finished. 


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