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Year 2 and Year 3 & 4 Athletics Events

Girls from Years 2 to 4 at Rowan enjoyed their first taste of athletics this year at two separate events this week. Years 3&4 at the CLFS athletics event and Year 2's at St Teresa's athletics festival.

Year 2 athletics festival

What a fantastic afternoon we had at our first Year 2 Athletics festival held at St Teresa’s last week.

All the girls took part in five events 40m Sprint, 400m long distance run, standing long jump, overarm throw and a relay. They competed against two other schools and all the girls came away with a medal.

The aim of the afternoon was for all the girls to enjoy themselves and the event was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to prepare them ready for their Sports day in June.

We have a bright future ahead with these fantastic athletes!


Year 3 & 4 at CLFS event

A squad of thirty three girls enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of athletics at a special event for Year 3 and 4 only.  Joined by other local schools in this open event, it was a perfect opportunity to invite as many girls from the year groups as possible.  All girls had to compete in five events in total, on the track in the 600m, 75 sprint and relay and on the field throwing and in long jump.  It was a wonderful experience for girls at Rowan to be involved in this friendly informal event, for most it was there first experience of an athletics fixture competing against other schools hopefully this positive experience will spur them on to more athletics in the future.  


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