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Year 2 Netball Matches

4 December 2018

Year 2 Netball Matches

There has been great excitement in Year 2 at Rowan Prep over the past few weeks with the girls first ever netball fixtures taking place.  The first, a home fixture against Longacre with 2S and second an away fixture against Feltonfleet and Milbourne Lodge with 2B. 

All the girls have been practicing their skills in games so were thrilled to be playing in matches.  

The two afternoons were a perfect introduction to a netball fixture and a wonderful experience for all the girls. 

They all did themselves proud, demonstrating skills of attacking, defending, footwork and shooting and showed great team play, with a good knowledge of most of the playing positions on the court.


A big thank you to all the parents for coming to support the teams and well done to all the girls.

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