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Y6 Visit The Tate Modern and The Royal Festival Hall

6 March 2018

Y6 Visit The Tate Modern and The Royal Festival Hall

In February, Year 6 had the pleasure of visiting the Royal Festival Hall to play instruments from the Gamelan. Gamelan is traditional ensemble music of Java and Bali in Indonesia.

I had the pleasure of playing the big gong! It was very exciting and everyone really enjoyed it. The Gamelan lesson has taught everyone how to play a new instrument and we all had to work really hard in a team to try and make music which sounded good. Thank you Royal Festival Hall - we all have had a great time.


On the same day, we visited the Tate Modern. Miss Flint gave us some ideas about how to analyse a painting. We looked through the gallery, chose our favourite piece and then gave a short talk to the other girls in our group. Afterwards, we went up to the new viewing gallery and made some quick sketches of London. There were swings on the ground floor and it was really fun – they had the seats stuck together so that you had to swing at the same time as your friends.


Written by girls from Year 6

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