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Y6 Visit Sutton Life Centre

1 February 2019

Y6 Visit Sutton Life Centre

On Monday 28 January, the whole of Year 6 went to the Sutton Life Centre for a visit about life skills. Over the course of the tour, we learnt how to prevent having hazards in the home, how to stay safe in a fire, who to call if you are being bullied and much, much more. Firstly, everyone was split into groups to experience some problems in a pretend house. For example, what to do after a big family argument and how to call Child line for advice on a problem (0800 1111), what to do if you are bullied at school and how to deal with a fire in your house. Here are some things we learnt on how to deal with fire:

  • Touch the handle of all the doors around you to see if they are hot. If so, stuff soft material by the threshold to prevent smoke from coming in. A door can hold back fire for up to 20 minutes.
  • If you have access to water, wet a blanket and wrap it around you to stop breathing in as much smoke. Leave the building as quickly as you can shouting “fire” as you go.
  • When you are a safe distance away from the building dial 999 and ask for the fire brigade.

 After the tour of the house we moved on to learn about how to be safe in public. We learnt why we should NEVER go on to a railway track because it has so much electricity flowing through it, as it could injure or even kill you immediately. There is always a possibility of a train coming and even if the driver sees you and hits the brakes, the train won’t stop until the train has covered at least 2km. That’s around 20 football pitches. We also learnt to respect others on public transport so everyone feels happy and safe and what to do if someone tries to steal your belongings on public transport. The worst thing to do is hang on to them. We learnt what to do if someone who is elderly, pregnant or has a young child in a buggy or wheelchair comes on a bus and how to help them. We also learnt what to do if you suspect someone has a knife or is trying to sell drugs to you. Always say no and walk away as quickly as you can and tell a trusted adult.

After that, we did a quiz and the winner got a water bottle to take home. The questions were from the tour. For example: how many chemicals in a cigarette? Over 4000! After lunch, we did a workshop in a room with VR (virtual reality) at a 360 degree angle. In this workshop we learnt why never to go in a derelict building and what hazards we can prevent having in the home - like matches in the reach of children. Afterwards, we did another workshop about social media. Did you know YouTube is a form of social media? We learnt how to keep personal information safe and how to block users as well as much, much more.

By Lucie Y6

Our visit to Sutton Life Centre was super fun. We learnt many new skills like how to keep yourself safe when you are involved in a fire, how to prevent hazards either outside or inside our home and how to recognise them. Now we are all much more aware and mindful of some of the dangers that are around us - the videos shown also gave us solutions, phone numbers and websites that we could use if we ever found ourselves in a situation that was difficult.


In one activity, we went upstairs to the house experience, we learnt about some of the main dangers that families might face at home and how to be safe in the home. The street experience helped us to be aware of things that happen in the outside world like drinking alcohol or smoking. This was really helpful in helping us to understand all of the disadvantages of such activities.

Overall, we all had a wonderful day at Sutton Life Centre!

By Anya Y6


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