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Y6 Visit Sutton Life Centre

6 March 2018

Y6 Visit Sutton Life Centre

On the Tuesday of our Life Skills week, we were lucky enough to visit the Sutton Life Centre. Sutton Life Centre is a centre for children and young adults where you are faced with real life scenarios and the problems that come with adulthood. My personal favourite was the apartment where there was: a kitchen, where we learnt about healthy eating; a dining room, where we learnt about family problems and how to deal with them; a living room where we learnt about fires and what to do if you are trapped in a fire; and a bedroom where we learnt about online safety. Other scenarios involved: drugs, alcohol, knife-crime and smoking. These were all very informative and interesting as, at the end of each one, an interesting fact was shown on the screen.

The Centre had various different topics such as transportation and risks. The first activity we tried was a room which had screens on the walls and showed us dangerous situations in virtual reality. It taught us some things not to do to keep safe, such as not walking on train tracks and not enter into power stations. There was also a transport scenario about how to travel kindly and safely.

At the end of the day, we did a workshop about online safety, the importance of social media and how to stay safe when using it. I really enjoyed this wonderful trip and I really recommend it for the future Year 6s.

Thank you to everyone who helped put together such an amazing week and I can’t wait for the rest!

Written by girls in Year 6


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