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WE Day

15 March 2019

WE Day

On Wednesday 6 March, the Year 5 and 6 Rowan Eco Council and the Student Leadership Project Team (aka the Water Warriors) attended WE Day UK at Wembley Arena. 


WE Day is an unparalleled celebration of young people who are creating positive change in the world.  Distinguished speakers, award-winning performers and local heroes came together to challenge the students to follow their passions, build leadership skills and contribute to their communities.


We heard truly inspirational speeches from a great diversity of speakers, including a Congolese refugee, Baruani Ndume, and the body acceptance activists Iska Lawrence and Nikki Christou, as well as young students from around the country who have been taking social action.  The performances from Pixie Lott, Tom Walker, Jack and Jack, and Liam Payne were also thoroughly enjoyed!


A real highlight for all was hearing HRH Prince Harry’s heartfelt speech.  He reminded us that “Climate change is not a political issue but a humanitarian one” and asked us to “be mindful of the seven billion others that inhabit this planet […] Look after every ray of sunshine, every rain drop, animal, blade of grass and insect […] Be braver be stronger be kind to each other be kind to yourself […] Less screen time and more face to face time, be honest, take risks and dare to be the greatest generation of all time.”


Julie Gillard, Australia’s former and first and only female Prime Minister, urged us to “Make an equal world. Change your local community but think globally. Fight for girls to dream big; dream for everyone in the world.  Happy International Women’s Day!”


The Rowan Eco Council and Water Warriors have been inspired to be ambassadors for change, pledging to lead others and spread the WE charity’s mantra, “WE Get Doing!”



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