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Rowan Water Warriors Raise £1420 for WaterAid Malawi

19 March 2019

Rowan Water Warriors Raise £1420 for WaterAid Malawi

This week, the Year 6 Student Leadership Project Team have led the whole school on a mission to become Water Warriors.  They chose to take action on this issue because they were so concerned about water poverty: 1 in 10 children don’t have clean water and 1 in 3 don’t have a decent toilet. For too many children around the world, it’s normal to have to walk to a muddy pond to collect water, normal to miss lessons because they are sick from drinking this dirty water and normal to have to go to the toilet in the school grounds, with no privacy. They wanted us all to help WaterAid change by raising money for children in Malawi who do not have access to clean water.


On Wednesday, the Year 6 team invited all the pupils and staff to wear as much blue as possible for a donation to WaterAid and organised two phenomenal cake sales, with the help of Year 6 prefects who ran the stall at the Hill.  A sea of blue could be seen across the Hill and the Brae with deliciously creative masterpieces donated so generously by the pupils and parents. A huge thank you to all who provided and bought the wonderful cakes!  At the Hill, Melissa and Anya from the team had been working incredibly hard to make some fantastic sets of hairbands which they sold in addition to the cakes. Some budding entrepreneurs in the making! 


Thames Water visited the Hill on Wednesday to give a fascinating assembly about being Water Warriors closer to home. They were so impressed by our fundraising  efforts that they are adding £250 to our WaterAid total, which was £1170: £340 from the Colour Run accessory sale at the Hill and £830 from the mufti day and cake sales across both sites.  Including the Thames Water donation, the school has raised a grand total of £1420 for WaterAid Malawi.  We really appreciate the support from all the pupils, parents and staff for helping raise so much for this important cause.


Congratulations to the Year 6 girls who have done an amazing job leading the school on their Water Warrior mission and have demonstrated a great maturity and dedication to a very worthy cause. 

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