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Rowan Remembers

16 November 2018

Rowan Remembers

Year 6 led our school Remembrance Assembly, marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One. Here we share the duologue that was written by Bella, Y6, a moving  reminder of the long lasting effects of conflict.

I Deeply Regret to Inform You

Knock, knock, knock

As the postman came on his dreaded round, families held their breaths hoping no telegram would slip through the door. The bright yellow paper came at 0800 hours, it trembled in mum’s hands. A glistening tear fell upon the envelope, we huddled together, full of sorrow. I deeply regret to inform you …

“Dear Mrs Roberts, I am writing from the War Office. My name is Major Charles Green and it is my sad duty to write these letters. I deeply regret to inform you that Corporal Frank Roberts was killed in action on Friday 26 May. Lord Kitchener expresses his deepest sympathy.”

I didn’t know what to say. The kind, loving smiling face of Frank Roberts, OUR Frank Roberts was now lying, still in fields of poppies, staring at the light he could no longer see. We all huddled together, tears streaming, our loss unimaginable. I deeply regret to inform you …

Every day during the Great War, thousands of people received this yellow slip, the telegram telling them of the death of their loved one, or worse, that they were ‘missing in action’. This changed thousands of lives all over the nation, families were killed and friends were lost. The bodies of the soldiers still, to this day, rest in Flanders Fields – and beyond.

I deeply regret to inform you that your son, your brother, your father, was killed in action, I deeply regret to inform you …

As Mr Boote played the Last Post, it was a fitting time to reflect on the poems, stories and songs Year 6 had shared with the school. We remembered those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service, and prayed for a more peaceful world as we gave thanks for our freedom and future lives.   

The assortment of stunning poppies made by the girls were on display in the hall,  and provided a beautiful memorial symbol to the fallen.

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