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Rowan Host Multi-Skills Festival for Year 1s'

10 June 2019

Rowan Host Multi-Skills Festival for Year 1s'

On Wednesday Rowan hosted its first Multi-Skills festival for Year 1 children, joined by United Learning’s sport ambassadors, Jenny Pace, former GB long jumper and Wayne Gordon, former GB bobsleigher.  Both who now work in educating and motivating young people through physical activity.

The afternoon started with a fun whole group energetic warm up led by Jenny and Wayne, it was a perfect way to get the proceedings started, all the children got involved and mixed in together.  After this the children went off in their groups to participate on each of the different sporting activities with a few tips from the sport ambassadors to help them.  Each station had an element of either point scoring or timed tasks, this encouraged lots of cheering and from the teams which added to the excitement.

Along with Rowan, children from five other local schools joined the festival.  The aim of the afternoon was to have as many children to participate and have fun whilst learning new athletic techniques in a positive learning environment to foster a love of sport in early years. The festival stations were designed to bring together fundamental movement skills including agility, balance and co-ordination for Y1’s and included all areas of the PE KS1 National Curriculum.

The children all enjoyed the festival, they all acquired new skill and developed their own, they gained knowledge and understanding but most of all they had a huge amount of fun which was the aim of the festival.

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