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Pre Prep Sport at Rowan Brae

28 March 2019

Pre Prep Sport at Rowan Brae


Rowan Year 2 girls had their first experience of a Hockey match against other both Notre Dame and Feltonfleet schools recently.

They certainly showcased their skills on the pitch and came away feeling very proud of themselves. 

They enjoyed mixing with the other girls from both schools, on and off the pitch and learnt lots about sportsmanship and how to conduct themselves. They congratulated the winning teams when they lost and enjoyed the achievement when they won matches too.

With this experience behind them, they were ready to face their own classmates when playing House matches. Rose House were the outright winners, winning all of their matches. 

Well done to all the girls for their continued enthusiasm throughout the matches.

Cricket Masterclass with Surrey Cricket

All Year 2 girls had a fantastic introduction to cricket yesterday in their games lesson at Oaken Lane sports ground.

Gabby Dunnage from Surrey Cricket taught the girls how to catch correctly, do short pick-ups, throw underarm at a wicket and how to hold the bat correctly. They also learnt that if they got someone out to call Howzat as a team which they did very loudly!

This has now got their enthusiasm going for next term’s cricket sessions.


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