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One Planet Future

19 March 2019

One Planet Future

Year 4 took to the stage on Friday morning and performed their magnificent environmental musical, ‘One Planet Future’. We were led into an allotment by Rag and Bone, a pair of urban foxes, and we watched helplessly as their land became a dumping ground for household waste, labelled as G.R.O.T.S ( Get Rid Of That!). The audience was horrified as a discarded laptop landed on the tip and were then amused as it started to search the internet for help. Luckily, the Wasteland Warriors rushed to the rescue, and at last the allotment and G.R.O.T.S were restored to their former usefulness. Year 4 sang their songs with great energy and enthusiasm and left us with the optimistic song ‘City Garden’ where urban spaces are turned into a paradise of fruit, vegetables and herbs, ensuring our future health and happiness.

Thank you Year 4 for a truly inspirational assembly.

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