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Ocean Commotion

26 March 2018

Ocean Commotion

On 7 March the hall was transformed into a deep sea world as Year 4 took to the stage to perform Ocean Commotion as part of the Rowan Arts Festival. The scene opened with a cast of spectacular characters: from the Great White Shark, the ruthless ‘Godfather’ dedicated to finding the right school for his godson, Hammerhead, to the trusting dolphin, Bottlenose and the mighty but illusive Blue Whale. Some of the many highlights were the Barnacles singing the blues, cheeky Little Fish performing a hilarious rock ‘n’ roll number and plenty of Red Herrings! The scenery was breath-taking and the girls so enjoyed making their fish and gorgeous scarves in their art lessons.  Thank you to all the girls in Year 4 for entertaining the school and visitors from the Claygate Community, and for the spectacular show in front of parents and friends.


Mrs Green

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