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Kindergarten Sports Day

24 May 2018

Kindergarten Sports Day

It was a wonderful sunny day for the Rowan Brae Kindergarten Sports Day on Friday.  All the girls rose the challenge to show off their sport skills around the theme Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, much to the delight of parents and staff.

The girls have been practicing their skills in their PE lessons and demonstrated these throughout the morning to all of the parents and staff. The girls ran against the clock in their teams carrying a sponge filled with water and trying not to spill any as they went (reduce); they saved the planet by throwing and catching a ball; balanced like Sloths, hopped like Katydids, slithered like Snakes, rolled like Armadillos on the floor and climbed the layers of the rainforest (large apparatus) to understand the need to save the rainforests; went on a obstacle filled journey to the recycling centre and used reused socks and plastic bottles in a few throwing games.

Congratulations to the Clothes group (yellow), who worked tremendously well as a team, on coming first overall. Well done to all the girls for a wonderful morning of sport and to the parents for their support.

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