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Interfaith Week at Rowan Brae

12 December 2017

Interfaith Week at Rowan Brae

Our recent Interfaith Fortnight at Rowan Brae was a huge success with the girls learning more about Christianity, Judaism and the Islamic Faith.  We began with a special assembly focusing on peace and love and over the course of the two weeks we realised how important these two words are.  Reception walked to Holy Trinity Church, Claygate where they were treated to a tour of the church by the Children’s Minister. Year 1 enjoyed a morning at the North West Surrey Synagogue where they learned more about Shabbat.  They were shown one of the Torah’s and were given the opportunity to dress up in prayer shawls and kipper hats.  Year 2 visited Kingston Mosque and learned about the Muslin prayer routines, had the opportunity to give a sermon, saw the newly refurbished washing area and enjoyed a presentation about mosques all over the world.  It really was a busy couple of weeks and the girls still speak enthusiastically of their visits and have remembered lots of interesting facts.  We were very proud when each year group were praised for their impeccable behaviour by the various volunteers who gave up their time for us.


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