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Drama at the National Theatre

29 May 2019

Drama at the National Theatre

Year 6 had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the National Theatre this week. During their first workshop, they were given a tour and an active and exciting introduction to theatre-making and the backstage world of the National Theatre. The visit included one of the three National Theatre auditoriums, which was followed by trying on costumes and handling some props & puppets.

Not only did  year 6  get an in depth look behind the scenes, but they also took part in an inspirational drama workshop taught by an experienced theatre and television actress. The girls were taught how to develop characters on stage, and explored different themes relevant to their own summer production of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. Much hilarity was had during quick fire warm up games and exercises designed to promote confidence and projection of voice. Physical theatre certainly promotes wellbeing, and the girls left the theatre with many tools they could not only use on stage, but also a confidence that their ideas and interpretations were listened to and valued.

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