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Christopher Columbus Assembly

15 October 2019

Christopher Columbus Assembly

Year 5 took us on a magnificent journey on Monday morning, bringing to life Christopher Columbus’ courageous and ambitious plans through music, song, dance and terrific acting. The assembly fell on Columbus Day, a U.S holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492. For many, the holiday is a way of both honouring Columbus’ achievements and celebrating Italian / Spanish / American heritage. For Year 5, it gave the chance to explore cross-curricular ideas in Geography and History, and learn some useful Spanish phrases as well as practise Italian accents! The songs, such as ‘In 1492’, ‘Sail West, Senor’ and ‘ Hombre Al Agua!’ were catchy, fact-based and made retaining the information very enjoyable. 

The girls were superb at conveying how crazy everyone thought Columbus was when he revealed his plans to sail west into the unknown. We learnt about his adventures across the Atlantic on ships Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina. We shared the crew’s struggle with provisions, celebrated with them as they eventually caught sight of dry land, and met the natives of San Salvador as they danced and traded with the visitors. Thank you Year 5 for a very entertaining assembly!

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