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Careers Sessions

24 May 2018

Careers Sessions

We have been so lucky this week to have visits from exceptional parents, who gave up their time to discuss their careers and some of the qualities they demonstrated to reach their aspirations. We thank you all wholeheartedly – at the end of the week, when we asked the girls what they had most enjoyed, they were effusive about their experiences in their careers sessions.


Mrs East

“People are fascinating.”

The words from Mrs East, a Rowan parent, are incredibly true and it was clear that the girls were thoroughly engaged – asking a vast array of questions which demonstrated their thirst for information. It was captivating to watch the girls solve the challenges posed by Mrs East and to consider what they might do in a variety of challenging, yet common situations.


Mrs Digby

“Each of you will encounter a person or opportunity which will change your life.”


What a fantastic opportunity it was for our girls to hear from another HR professional – this really helped to consolidate their understanding that roles within Human Resources are incredibly varied. Perhaps, for some of these girls, the inspiration they take away from the talk by Mrs Digby, a Rowan parent, will be one of their defining moments.


It was amazing for the girls to hear that our ‘Star Qualities’ are exactly what a potential employer is looking for. It is always reassuring to hear that what is worked towards in school will really benefit in later life.


Mr Reed

 “The world and industry are changing very quickly.”


It was a delight to have Mr Reed, a Rowan parent, introducing the girls to the world of banking. He cleverly explained the way in which banks work, how they have changed over time and posed the question to the girls – what might banking look like in the future? The girls particularly enjoyed analysing potential clients for a bank and thinking about what is happening in the wider world which might affect a company’s ability to perform in the future.


Another poignant message for the girls to take home is that of work ethic – show yourself to work hard in whichever field you choose and it will not go unnoticed.


Mrs Morris

“Stay calm and persevere.”


Mrs Morris, a Rowan parent, thrilled us with sound bites of interviews with David Cameron and impressive broadcasts taken from her time working in radio journalism. The girls really took on board the advice given, applicable to any situation, to stay calm. The outcome is always likely to be better if we first think through our approach to a problem. There were also clear messages in resilience, determination and following your passions. It was really interesting to see how Mrs Morris had taken her qualifications and interests to build a career which she truly enjoys.


It was wonderful to see the girls preparing for an interview and thinking on their feet about how they would react if the person they had been hoping to interview was unavailable for comment.


Mr Morris

 “Financial trading is pretty much like a school – with everyone learning and working together.”


It’s excellent to see the word ‘learning’ in reference to the world of business – it is so important that the girls understand that there isn’t a day which goes by where we are not still learning. Mr Morris, a Rowan parent, had the girls captivated with cleverly placed ‘minion’ quotes and easy to understand visuals. This talk not only supported the girls’ learning about financial markets but encouraged them to be wise with their earnings once they arrive.


Have you ever taken the 365 day challenge? Save 1p on the first day and on each subsequent day, you double your investment so on day 2, you would save 2p, on day 3, 4p until you reach the end of the year. How much would you need to save on the final day? Incredibly, by the end of the year, you would have accrued savings of £667.95! I hope some of the girls decide to try this.


By the end of the session, the girls were buzzing with excitement and were confidently debating the possible interactions taking place in workplace photos. They applied their newly-gleaned understanding of HR alongside their well-honed observational skills.

A big thank you to all the parents who have given up their time to come in and talk with the girls, it is very much appreciated!

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