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Café de Science

10 July 2015

Café de Science

On Tuesday 30 June we welcomed Dr Kendall Williams, a marine biologist, who came and hosted a workshop about sharks for our Year 3 and 4 girls as well as pupils from Esher Church School and Parkside. Dr Williams spoke to the students about the work that he does and the experiences he has had swimming with sharks. We were given some amazing shark facts and the children then worked in groups to create a poster detailing ‘what makes a shark a shark?’ It was lovely to see the different schools working collaboratively and Dr Williams mentioned how impressed he was with how hard they had worked. Before arriving for the workshop, Dr Williams had set a challenge for all of the pupils to get together in small groups to research and produce a piece of work about different types of sharks as well as shark conservation. Congratulations to the Parkside boys who created some beautiful shark silhouette paintings and were awarded the prize for creativity and to the Rowan girls who were selected as the winners of the prize for best scientific content. Thank you to Dr Williams for making the afternoon so special for all of our pupils.

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