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Autumn Term Sport at Rowan

12 October 2018

Autumn Term Sport at Rowan

The Autumn term has seen all the girls start a full and varied sport timetable at Rowan.

In PE the focus has been on health related fitness linked to their netball for games afternoons.  Each session is related to an element of ball skill required for netball, the girls all enjoyed the challenge of each task wanting to improve times and catch rate every week.  In games afternoons netball is the sport from Year 2 to Year 6 where the girls are learning netball skills and match play until Christmas.  All year group have also enjoyed fixtures across all abilities.

All girls at Rowan have also started swimming this term, each week a different stroke has been covered along with improving water skills, it is wonderful to see how much there confidence has grown. 

Our extra curricular sport clubs have started for the year with hockey, running, tennis, tag rugby, judo and football clubs all taking off to a flying start. 

Sport is for all at Rowan!


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