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Parents’ Guide to The Entrance Procedure at Rowan

Entry into Nursery (2+ years)

Following registration for a Nursery place, offers will be made for Nursery or Kindergarten in the preceding Autumn Term on a first come, first served basis.  Once an offer had been made, this will secure your daughter’s place through the school until the end of Year 6.

Entry into Reception (4+ years)

Discovery Afternoon

Following registration for a Reception place, all girls are invited to take part in a Discovery Afternoon at Rowan Brae.  The registration deadline is Monday 14 October 2019 and the Discovery Afternoon will take place on Thursday 17 October 2019.  After the event, we will contact you to share the outcome.

 What do the girls need to bring?

They should wear comfortable home clothes, shoes and a waterproof jacket should the weather be inclement.  They are welcome to bring an item or special toy that they might like to talk about.  (Please ensure that all items are labelled clearly).

 What will happen on the day?

Girls will be welcomed into Rowan for the afternoon, where they will experience a range of activities spanning the Early Years curriculum.  We will observe the girls’ social and play interactions.  The girls will be given an opportunity to talk in a small group about their special item and ask questions should they feel confident to do so.  All girls will be provided with a healthy snack and regular water breaks.  There is no need to supply them with any food or drinks.

 What are we looking for?

We are looking for girls who are demonstrating age-appropriate development across the Early Years curriculum.  Beyond this, we are looking for individuals who demonstrate qualities linked to our school ethos and values and for individuals to make a positive contribution to Rowan’s happy school life.

Please click here for 4+ Discovery Afternoon form and include any special dietary requirements, relevant medical details and an emergency number for the day of the assessment.  Rowan also requests that information is attached of any learning requirements that could impact upon a pupil's successful participation in the day's activities.

Entry into Year 3 (7+ years)

 Assessment Day

All girls wishing to join Rowan in Year 3 are invited to take part in the 7+ Assessment Day at Rowan following registration with the Head of Admissions.  The deadline for registration is Monday 11 November 2019 and the next assessment day will take place on Friday 15 November 2019.  Following the day Mrs Clarke, the Headmistress, will be in contact with you to share some feedback.

What do the girls need to bring?

Girls should come to school dressed in their current school uniform; they will also need a pair of trainers for sports activities.  They will be provided with snacks and a hot lunch.  They do not need to bring any writing materials, drinks or food.

They are welcome to bring a book that they have enjoyed reading or an item that they are proud of, to talk about.

What will happen on the day?

The children will take two written tests at Rowan Brae with our current Year 2 girls, one in English and one in mathematics.  Each test lasts for approximately forty-five minutes.

The English test is a reading comprehension and a short piece of writing.  The maths paper will include all strands of the mathematics curriculum including problem solving.  As these tests are based on the national age-related expectations, they are suitable for children coming from both independent and state schools.  During the tests, teachers will circulate to give encouragement and assistance where necessary.

The girls will walk to Rowan Hill for lunch followed by afternoon activities.  During lunchtime, staff will sit with the girls where they will be engaged in conversation; this will form part of the individual observations made.  There will be activities following lunch, including a short group interview with the Headmistress or a member of the Senior Leadership Team and some sporting and musical activities.

At the end of the day, they will have a short playtime and snack and then enjoy a story-telling session with our librarian.  You will be invited to meet with the Year 3 teachers and Senior Leadership Team for tea and coffee prior to collecting your daughter.  Our aim is for the children to have a challenging but enjoyable day whilst experiencing school life at Rowan.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for children who are at least on track to achieve age-related expectations by the end of Year 2.  These expectations are across English and mathematics and are our minimum entrance requirement.

Our decision is made on the basis of individual observation, taking into account age and maturity.  We will request a school report from your current setting prior to sitting the assessment and this will be taken into account with results from the written assessments.

We welcome children who will make a positive contribution to our school as well as fulfilling our entrance requirements.

What happens next?

The Headmistress will be in contact with you, within a week, to share the outcome of the Assessment Day.

Please click here for a 7+ Assessment form and include any special dietary requirements, relevant medical details and an emergency number for the day of the assessment.  Rowan also requests that information is attached of any learning requirements that could impact upon a pupil's successful participation in the day's activities.

Entry at other times

We have occasional spaces that become available at other stages.  In this case, girls who are already registered with us are invited in for a Taster Day at a mutually convenient time.  Your daughter will sit papers in mathematics and English and join their current year group for the day.  You will be asked to provide copies of their most recent school report and a reference will be requested from their current Headteacher.  Following the Taster Day, Mrs Clarke will be in touch within a week.

If you have any further queries on the registration process please contact our Head of Admissions, on 01372 462627 (option 2) or email admissions@rowanprepschool.co.uk 

Entrance Procedure Key Dates for Academic Year 2020-2021

Deadline for Reception (4+ years) Discovery Afternoon applications Friday 11 October 2019 
Reception (4+ years) Discovery Afternoon Thursday 17 October 2019
 Deadline for Year 3 (7+ years) Assessment Day applications Friday 8 November 2019 
 Year 3 Assessment Day Friday 15 November 2019 


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