Heads Welcome

Hic feliciter laboramus - here we work happily

Katherine Millar, our founding Headmistress opened the doors to Rowan in 1936, for just seven girls. Her aims were to instil in the girls a lifelong love of learning, develop a strong sense of self and ensure the friendships they make, endure as they grow and develop.

Whilst 85 years of dynamic and creative learning experiences seem to have flown by, this vision and ethos for the girls very much remains at the heart of school life. This is what affords us the opportunity to evolve the learning journey, delivering the very best educational experience for each girl. Today at Rowan, we have embraced new technology, progressed the curriculum and expanded the breadth of experiences in sport, music and the Arts to enhance the learning experience. However we never lose sight of fostering and nurturing them as individuals with a focus on wellbeing at a time when this has never been more important.

I believe that balancing tradition with innovation develops curiosity, respect and thinkers, whilst creating memorable learning experiences for all.  We never lose sight of what makes Rowan truly special.

When I first joined Rowan, I often heard the phrase, ‘once a Rowan girl, always a Rowan girl’.  To me this is a girl who embodies our ‘Star Qualities’; she is kind, compassionate and believes that she and others can. The girls here are empowered to lead, question and debate with integrity; undeniably skills for the future.

Girls explore unchartered waters and develop passions – they thrive and leave us as confident young ladies, ready to take on life at senior school.  Whether this be through the Strings Initiative in Year 1, foraging through the woods or competing on the national stage in sport, there is something for everyone. We are a happy, successful prep school because of the staff, girls, and parents; working together as a team.

Girls develop skills and knowledge for the future, they are intellectually curious whether exploring in STEM or debating the great philosophers; their thirst for learning is unquenchable.  Here at Rowan we nurture curious minds, whilst relishing the joys of childhood.

School life is most certainly centred around the girls, however when joining Rowan, you are joining the Rowan family. With the doors flung open to welcome you in, you are very much part of school life. With opportunity to enjoy concerts, sporting events, socials, and workshops; we hope that these years are as memorable for you as they are for your daughter.

The breadth of opportunity at Rowan, the passion and commitment discovered and the values learned, takes the girls on a journey of discovery through their prep school years, instilling a sense of pride and confidence.


Head Teacher

Mrs Susan Clarke - Headmistress