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Daily life at Rowan gives all girls the chance to investigate, be challenged, take risks and to be curious about the world around them. No two days at Rowan are ever the same and the school is always abuzz with activity. We believe that children learn best through first hand experiences and we give them plenty of opportunities for learning in an adventurous way.

The warmth that is evident when you walk through the door at Rowan creates the ideal learning environment for girls to fulfil their potential. This is a school where children are nurtured and allowed to grow as individuals. Our inclusive education provides opportunities for all girls to broaden and develop the skills and qualities that underpin longer-term success.

At Rowan we like to keep parents informed.  On a day-to-day basis class teachers keep in contact with parents via the 'Prep Planner' where stickers or notes are written to inform parents of important information.  Clarion Call (text to mobile) and email is used to keep parents informed quickly and to communicate in emergencies (for example, snow disruption.)

The Headmistress sends out weekly 'Friday Notes' to parents with information, news and developments for the whole school.  Information evenings are held regularly for parents providing essential information and parents can discuss their child's progress at regular parent consultation evenings.

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