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Key Stage 2 (Years 5 & 6)

(Ages: 9 - 11 years old)

School life in Year 5 and 6 is inspiring and offers a breadth of experiences which Rowan girls fully embrace. Wherever possible, the skills and learning will centre on real life experience and links will be made with the local and wider community. From a visiting marine biologist inspiring scientists of the future to spending a week immersed in French culture in Normandy, the programme of ‘Life Skills’ enjoyed by Year 6 cements the building blocks of their learning at Rowan.

During this next stage of the girls’ journey into Year 5 and 6, we focus on fostering independent thinking and learning skills, developing initiative and a desire to challenge themselves. Once equipped with these skills, the girls find it a seamless transition to their choice of senior school. At this stage, Rowan girls have the benefit of a wide choice of excellent senior schools enabling them to select the best and most appropriate school for them. We guide parents and the girls through each step of this process sharing our expertise and offering advice. The girls leave Rowan fully prepared for this exciting next step of their educational path with an abundance of warm and happy memories. 

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