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Y6 Visit The Houses of Parliament

18 May 2017

Y6 Visit The Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliament, visited by Year 6 on 8 May 2017.

I really enjoyed visiting the Houses of Parliament. Our guide was very good and she made the trip fun and interesting. We followed the path the Queen would take for the State Opening of Parliament, including the dressing room where she dresses in her state robes and crown. In the chamber of the House of Lords, we saw the throne and the Woolsack where the Speaker sits. We learnt lots of new facts about Parliament. We found out that when the French visit, they cover up the huge paintings of the battles of Waterloo and Trafalgar because Britain won and they don’t want to upset them. It was really good to finally go into the chamber where the MPs sit (House of Commons). I have seen it online, but to be there was even better. We discovered that since the incident of Charles 1 coming in looking for the five men who betrayed him, monarchs have not stepped into the Commons where it happened.

I learnt that part of the Houses of Parliament had been destroyed by fire in 1834, and bombed in the second world war. The parts that have been rebuilt are very pretty, especially the floor, but I prefer the oldest part. I’m glad I was allowed in to see parliament, it was a very good experience for me.

By Francheska and Jiwoo

National Gallery write up by 6C

We walked to the National Gallery and had our lunch before starting our guided tour of the gallery. The visit was very interesting and educational. We were divided into two groups and both groups saw different paintings. One group saw a painting about the Odyssey Trojan War, and we learnt about the story behind the painting. The other group saw a fascinating painting of a beautiful horse, called Whistlejacket, which we all thought was a strange name. Even more puzzling was the fact that it is one of the only paintings which doesn’t have a background. Both groups had to think about the finer details of the paintings we saw and this made us think deeper about art.

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