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Y5 Isle of Wight Trip

On 1 June we set off for the Isle of Wight. When we had left we thought that it had been the best trip ever!  We all arrived at Oaken Lane and were bundled onto the coach. Soon we were on the ferry.  We went onto the top deck and we posed for Mr Lyons’ photos. Mrs Lewis’ hair was very windswept!  

We got off the ferry and onto the coach again and soon we were close to our next destination… Carisbrooke Castle!       It was very interesting seeing the old well in the keep and when we went to the lookout Abi’s hat flew off and landed just out of reach! We then had lunch, and half of Emma’s lunch blew away!  (And Mr Lyons showed us his skill at rolling down the hill.) Soon, and sadly, we had to get back onto the coach, but onto the hotel!  When we arrived at the hotel we were told who we were in our room with. We went to our room, and changed for dinner. It was a three course meal, soup, main, and dessert. YUM! After dinner was hot chocolate and what would usually be a biscuit, but because it was Ginny’s birthday we had a piece of birthday cake– there was enough for everyone, even the teachers had some!

On Tuesday we found a 3 course breakfast, cereal, toast and an English breakfast (sausages, eggs) waiting for us!  After we had wolfed it down, we went to Robin Hill and went on the 4D experience, which is 3D but you move with the film. It was very exciting. Next onto Carp Quay and  across bridges which were infested with ‘Piranhas’.  We then went on Colossus which was a boat that swung you up and down.  After Robin Hill we went to the Dinosaur museum.  We saw a full pink iguanadon - it was amazing. Then the fun began; we went fossil hunting on our local beach. We found a dinosaur footprint, and Evie, who was smashing rocks, found a rock bursting with crystals! We also found fossilised wood and much more– and when we got back we had room inspections!

On Wednesday, we went to the Needles Old Battery and we saw the guns the owners threw into the sea, because there were bigger guns they could use.  We also saw where they stored the gunpowder.  All the lights were kept behind glass so it did not set the gunpowder alight. There was also a searchlight in case enemy ships tried to sail in under cover of night, as England was afraid that the French might invade with their new iron-clad ships.

On Thursday we went to Osborne House and we saw the royal children’s vegetable plots and the Swiss Cottage which Prince Albert made to remind him of his native country, Germany. It now has a museum in it, which houses stuffed birds, dead butterflies and even a stuffed wolf. There was a rock collection which had crystals and rocks in it, and the house had a collection of the things that the children had collected. What was most amazing was that Prince Albert had built a little shop for the royal children as they had never been to a shop. It was a greengrocer’s with different wines, spices and dried fruit. The food was real food, with proper ginger, sugar etc. It was very sweet, but Albert wanted them to understand how a shop worked.   We got back and then had another room inspection.

On Friday we woke up a bit earlier than usual; it was the last day, and so in the morning there was a rush to get everything packed.  It was also Ellie’s birthday so we celebrated at breakfast. After breakfast we went to  Appuldurcombe House, an old ruin, and the falconry centre. We saw an African owl, which hunted snakes, a vulture, which eats dead things and two hawks. Then the teachers all bought us an ice cream as we had done so well at room inspections. The coach drove us back to the ferry. Home sweet home!

By Ginny with help from Esme and Georgina



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