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Visit from Quantum Theatre Company

22 May 2018

Visit from Quantum  Theatre Company

The Quantum Theatre Company recently visited the girls at the Hill and performed their play called “Writing on the Wall.” We learnt about adjectives, similes and nouns as well as learning to recognise different tenses and types of clauses.  It was very funny and we all learnt a lot.


The play was about two children who loved Harry Potter books. Many of us love Harry Potter books so it was great! The two children were both called Taylor, they both sat next to each other in class! Their teacher asked them to write a story and they went to the Warner Brothers’ Studios to get some inspiration. A mean boy in their class, called Malcolm, steals Taylor B’s story despite Taylor C trying to warn her. Luckily, Malcolm forgot to hide the one bit of evidence - it still had Taylor C’s name on it!  It was great that the Quantum Theatre Company could come; it was so much fun.


Written by Anya, Year 5

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