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7+ Assessment Day

Rowan offer pupils the opportunity to sit their 7+ Assessment for 2018-2019 on Monday 8 January 2018.

The 7+ Assessment Day involves pupils attending a full day at Rowan to allow staff and girls the opportunity to get to know her a little better as she participates in a wide range of activities.  This is always a happy and relaxed occasion and the chance for all the girls involved to meet new faces.  We ask that pupils wear their current school uniform, and in addition, bring a pair of trainers.

The approximate timings for the day are as follows:

9.15am Girls to arrive at Rowan Brae, 41 Gordon Road, Claygate, Surrey  KT10 0PJ
3.30pm Tea and coffee for parents at Rowan Hill, 6 Fitzalan Road, Claygate, Surrey  KT10 0LX
3.45pm Girls to be collected from Rowan Hill

Please click here for a 7+ Assessment Form and include any special dietary requirements, relevant medical details and an emergency number for the day of the assessment.  Rowan also request that information is attached of any learning requirements that could impact upon a pupil’s successful participation in the day’s activities.

Offers of places will be made following the Assessment Day and these places are offered as guaranteed for 2018/2019.  Deadline dates for applications are as follows:


Key Dates for 7+ Assessments for Academic Year 2018-19

Deadline for Applications 

 Thursday 4 January 2018

7+ Assessment Day    

 Monday 8 January 2018

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